Our Story

A Letter From Brook

Growing up in Maine with ecologically-minded parents, I learned early on to appreciate the raw beauty of nature and the interconnectedness of all things.

Brook There grew out of my own desire for minimalist lingerie that was both comfortable and ethically made. When I couldn’t find what I was searching for, I taught myself the intricacies of lingerie design and designed my first pieces. I soon realized I wasn’t the only woman looking for lingerie that would make her feel like herself, rather than someone else’s fantasy. Brook There was born.

Today, my process is much the same as it was then. I design every piece myself, starting with a dream and a sketch before drafting a pattern at my sewing machine using measurements taken from real women. Once a pattern is perfected, a small, dedicated team of sewers in Massachusetts craft the garments that eventually find their way to your doorstep.

My roots still guide me at every step of the way. Our colors are often inspired by nature—a stormy blue ocean, a flare of coral sky, a handful of rich earth. Sustainability is always a priority, influencing everything from our choice of fabrics to our manufacturing process.

My wish is that you feel confident and comfortable every time you wear Brook There—at home and free in your own skin.