Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I determine my size?

We aim to provide very detailed sizing information in our Size Chart. Please read through it and use a tape measure. If that doesn't answer your questions, please email hello@brookthere.com for help!

Will you make larger sizes?

Over the past year we have added 4 bras sizes (32BC, 32CD, 38BC, 38CD) and 1 underwear size (XXL) to our standard size range. We're actively working to expand our size range, with the caveat that not all styles will work well for all sizes. Our original product is the triangle bra, and this is a simple and unstructured shape that really works better for smaller cup sizes.

Will you add bras with wires or back closures?

We are working on bras with back closures, but product development takes about a year so we are still a ways out. We will not be adding bras with wires.

Why don't you make bras with foam cups or padding?

We have not been able to find any sources for foam cups or bra padding that meet our standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness. Conventional sources use chemical intensive processes that can leave a residue we do not want to put next to our skin.

Where are your products made?

Everything is cut and sewn in Massachusetts. Our organic cottons are from mills in South Carolina and California. Brook designs and makes patterns in Maine.

Where do you get your elastic trims, laces, and silk?

We would prefer to source everything in the US, but some types of materials aren't made here, or we haven't found domestic sources producing what we need. We buy from representatives based in the US who import elastic trims, lace, and silk. We always choose to buy USA-made if we can find the product we need produced domestically.

What are your sustainable practices?

From day one, ethics and sustainability have been at the heart of our business model. We choose low-impact fabrics and production methods whenever possible, and keep our factory close to home so we can get to know the people who sew our garments by name. Read more here about our Ethics + Fabrics.