Ethics + Fabrics

The journey from our design to your doorstep

From day one, ethics and sustainability have been at the heart of our business model. We choose low-impact fabrics and production methods whenever possible, and keep our factory close to home so we can get to know the people who sew our garments by name.

Why organic?

Our core fabric is organic cotton made from GOTS-certified yarn, milled and dyed in California. Part of the reason we choose organic is personal preference—we just feel better about putting it against our skin. The other, more urgent reason is that it’s better for the earth. Conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any other single major crop. By choosing organic, we can help preserve the health of our communities and our ecosystems.

This holistic thinking extends to other decisions regarding fabrics. For example, we choose to trim certain styles in pure silk rather than cheaper synthetic blends. We also use fiber-reactive dye to create most of our colors. 

Made in the U.S.A.

From California, our fabric is shipped to a factory in a small Massachusetts mill town. Here, our small and dedicated team cuts and sews each piece.

The benefits of keeping production in the U.S. are many. Besides the obvious—that we don’t have to ship finished product from overseas—making our garments in the U.S. ensures production isn’t contracted out to third-party factories that might not share our ethical and environmental standards.

Shipping and Packaging

Once a garment is complete, it goes into inventory at the factory until it’s off to your door. Keeping our inventory at the same facility where it’s cut and sewn is a key difference in our business model, as it eliminates the need to package each piece of lingerie in poly bags (a requirement of most standard warehouses). This also cuts down on additional transport.

When it comes time to ship, we use Eco-Enclose recycled poly bags and recycled tissue paper. Our goal is to avoid single-use plastics at every turn.

With every choice we make, we strive to balance sustainability with quality. Ultimately, we hope to create a timeless, well-made garment you can treasure for years.