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How To Measure

Use a soft tape measure, and measure at the widest points of your bust and bottom, directly under your breasts for the underbust, and the narrowest point of your waist.

bra sizing chart

How To Measure For Bra Sizes

Note: We use American sizes for bras. Here is a comparison size chart between American and UK bra sizing.

All of our styles are soft-cup construction, without underwires, and slip-on over the head. We design soft-cup and slip-on styles because we find these styles to be more comfortable than traditional hooks & wires.

1. Measure Under Your Bust and Add 3" or 4"

This is your band size. It needs to be an even number. Check against the chart pictured- you'll see that if your underbust is 31.5" you'll wear a 36 band in our styles. FYI: this is not sizing specific to Brook There. This is how most american lingerie brands size. See this post for similar directions.

2. Measure Your Full Bust

The difference between your full bust, in inches, and the band size, calculated above, is your cup size. Correlate to the chart to find your best fit in our styles.

3. The Caveats

Bra Sizes, as everyone knows, are mysterious and tricky to figure out. This is because those two little figures- band and cup size- do a poor job of accurately describing the actual shape of a woman's breasts. For that reason, we offer several different styles of wireless bras, and would love to help you find one that fits you!

Because most of our styles are wireless and made of stretch fabric, we use "in-between" cup sizes. i.e- if you typically wear an A or B cup you'll be fine in our A/B fit, but if you are a large B-cup, size up. If you wear a small A, AA, or AAA cup size, try one of our triangle style bras. If you are a C or D cup, you will find that our Pixy styles are the most supportive.

Alternate Measuring Systems

A commonly used alternate system for measuring bra sizes is to take the Over-Bust Measurement. This is found by wrapping a measuring tape around your chest, under your arms, and above your breasts, where the straps attach to the cups. The difference between the Over-Bust Measurement and the Full-Bust Measurement determines the cup size- 1" difference is an A cup, 2" is B, and so on.

We prefer the Under-Bust Measuring system because most of our styles are slip-on, and the fit of the under-bust band is very important for both comfort and fit. Moreover, it's an easier measurement to take alone.

Brook There Size Chart

Garment Sizes

If you are between sizes, size up. If you have questions, email us!

See size chart above, and note that:

  • XS is typically a size 0-2, or a 24 jean.
  • S is typically a size 4-6, or a 26 jean.
  • M is typically a size 8-10, or a 28 jean.
  • L is typically a size 12-14, or a 30 jean.
  • XL is typically a size 16-18, or a 32 jean.