Caring for Your Garments and Lingerie

Most of our styles will hold up just fine to machine washing and drying.

Please do not machine dry items made of wool, linen or silk slips. Silk slips and linen pieces may be washed cold and gentle in the machine and hung to dry.

All of the basic underwear and bra styles with smooth elastic trim are quite durable and can be machine-washed and dried.

Always wash with like colors, and move to the dryer or clothes-line promptly after the wash cycle finishes.

Silk, Linen, and Wool Garments

The wool garments we offer are NOT pre-shrunk and should always be washed cold. Never put wool in the dryer when it is wet- it will turn into felt.

Silk lingerie, slips, and camisoles may be washed gentle in the machine and hung to dry. Dryers can be rough on delicate pieces.

Linen pieces should be washed cold and gentle in a machine, and hung dry.