The Muse: Smart, self-motivated, a leader, a rule-breaker. Not easily categorized. Practical, kind, has a love of learning, takes care of herself. Creative, fascinated by the world. Hard-working, deep-thinking, independent. Iconoclast and classic all at once. Natural beauty.

My vision for the brand is the interplay between confidence and comfort. Comfort is primary- confidence comes from being comfortable in your skin and your clothing- and confidence is the underpinning of beauty in every form. It’s the freedom of feeling good in your skin and never noticing your clothing. Your clothing doesn’t need to reshape you into something you are not. It just needs to provide warmth and support and cover you up when that’s what you would like.

So that is what we make: undies, unpadded and wireless bras, tanks, tees, shorts, and leggings. We use organic cotton and real silk. We produce in the USA, and we choose low-impact ways of working whenever we find them.

Our choice to use organic cotton as a primary fabric is for environmental reasons. Read more about our ethics here.
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